Turn Fear into Fitness

Who is Concha of Concha Gets Fit? Who is the face behind Rock-the-Plank? I am a working mom of four, wife to an awesome husband, and a girl with goals. I have made a decision to change my lifestyle and share my strategies so you can change yours. As a certified health coach and wellness counselor, I help others look within themselves for ways to unlearn bad habits and open their minds to holistic approaches to life.  For those who have previously followed me with Concha Gets Fit, the journey continues but under a different name. My newest venture, Rock-the-Plank, has been launched to open my health coaching practice to the public.

As I transition from sharing just my own journey to helping others launch theirs, you will see less of Concha Gets Fit and more of Rock-the-Plank.  

You now have a way to connect with me to engage in your own practices of optimizing your well-being -- and I am here to guide you along this path, helping you tear down any obstacles.

New workshops are up...commit and start your journey today...

Let's Turn Fear into Fitness!